Duke of Somerset
2018-19 Season
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Overall Season Record :14 - 9
Current Block Rank :4
Current Average Rank :3.86
Current Overall Rank :4

Schedule Block History
Block #132 - 1
Block #212 - 1
Block #320 - 3
Block #452 - 1
Block #563 - 0
Block #663 - 0
Block #741 - 2

Team Averages
23Osvaldo Jeanty1977.120.2
9Jamil Abiad1466.714.8
33Connor Vreeken1260.013.4
3Emmanuel Owostoah477.89.0
43Terry Vilayil2276.28.8
54Richard Elias Anderson1951.58.2
0Owen Boivert1481.87.7
10Willy Manigat1581.87.5
 Simon Chamberlain10100.07.2
21Elliot Bailey1358.36.0
6Dion Williams1652.65.6
33Andy Stewart (C)1370.04.1
2Paul Williams40.01.5
 Mo Abdul50.00.0

Team Totals
23Osvaldo Jeanty1970693748384
9Jamil Abiad1443371015207
43Terry Vilayil2241321621194
33Connor Vreeken124024915161
54Richard Elias Anderson196811733156
10Willy Manigat15829911112
0Owen Boivert143381822108
6Dion Williams16275203889
21Elliot Bailey1331371278
 Simon Chamberlain1013144472
33Andy Stewart (C)1320271053
3Emmanuel Owostoah4757936
2Paul Williams430006
 Mo Abdul500000

Completed Regular Season Game Results :

DateVisiting TeamHome Team
2018/09/30Swingmen (79)Duke of Somerset (93)Box Score
2018/10/14Duke of Somerset (78)Ottawa U. Alumni (71)Box Score
2018/10/21Duke of Somerset (67)Pillars (75)Box Score
2018/10/28Ottawa U. Alumni (99)Duke of Somerset (84)Box Score
2018/11/04Swingmen (69)Duke of Somerset (74)Box Score
2018/11/11Splash Brothers (70)Duke of Somerset (84)Box Score
2018/11/18Duke of Somerset (84)Ottawa U. Alumni (86)Box Score
2018/11/25Pillars (2)Duke of Somerset (0)Box Score
2018/12/02Swingmen (70)Duke of Somerset (68)Box Score
2019/01/06WebmarketersWarriors (82)Duke of Somerset (78)Box Score
2019/01/13Splash Brothers (92)Duke of Somerset (95)Box Score
2019/01/20Jayhawks (74)Duke of Somerset (85)Box Score
2019/01/27Duke of Somerset (58)Pillars (54)Box Score
2019/02/03Euro Steppers (64)Duke of Somerset (76)Box Score
2019/02/10Splash Brothers (85)Duke of Somerset (115)Box Score
2019/02/17Duke of Somerset (82)The Belmont (78)Box Score
2019/02/24Jayhawks (60)Duke of Somerset (105)Box Score
2019/03/03Splash Brothers (65)Duke of Somerset (94)Box Score
2019/03/10Duke of Somerset (79)WebmarketersWarriors (84)Box Score
2019/03/17Duke of Somerset (84)Swingmen (70)Box Score
2019/03/24Duke of Somerset (67)Ottawa U. Alumni (77)Box Score

Playoff Game Results :

DateVisiting TeamHome Team
2019/03/31WebmarketersWarriors (70)Duke of Somerset (86)Box Score
2019/04/07Duke of Somerset (81)Ottawa U. Alumni (103)Box Score

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3PT3-Point Field Goals
FTMsFree Throws Made
FTAsFree Throws Attempted
FT%Free Throw Shooting Percentage
PFPersonal Fouls
TFTechnical Fouls
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