The Co-operators
2019-2020 Season
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Overall Season Record :10 - 10
Current Block Rank :16
Current Average Rank :17.14
Current Overall Rank :18

Schedule Block History
Block #1150 - 3
Block #2172 - 1
Block #3182 - 1
Block #4181 - 2
Block #5182 - 1
Block #6182 - 1
Block #7161 - 1

Team Averages
22Scott Mayers1571.719.1
1Evan Arthur10.014.0
33Patrick Roussy1889.713.7
1Michael Roger1260.311.6
8Maurice De Allie1861.410.8
3Lucca Verrelli1655.69.0
00Kero Tawdrous10.08.0
9Gabriel Pichette630.88.0
2Watson Harris1668.37.5
11Mark Carreon1544.46.4
34Chaidwick Leneïs (C)1576.56.3
10Juan Martinez2100.06.0
 Charlie Melmoth333.35.3

Team Totals
22Scott Mayers1588263346287
33Patrick Roussy1859342629246
8Maurice De Allie1845233557194
3Lucca Verrelli165362036144
1Michael Roger124913863139
2Watson Harris163762841120
11Mark Carreon1516204996
34Chaidwick Leneïs (C)15391131794
9Gabriel Pichette610841348
 Charlie Melmoth3611316
1Evan Arthur1700014
10Juan Martinez2411112
00Kero Tawdrous140008

Completed Regular Season Game Results :

DateVisiting TeamHome Team
2019/09/22Vicious Circle (66)The Co-operators (63)Box Score
2019/09/29The Co-operators (65)Fat Boys (84)Box Score
2019/10/06The Co-operators (74)Euro Steppers (83)Box Score
2019/10/203 and D (80)The Co-operators (57)Box Score
2019/10/27Pick N Roll (63)The Co-operators (67)Box Score
2019/11/03Genesis (70)The Co-operators (80)Box Score
2019/11/10The Co-operators (64)Goons (59)Box Score
2019/11/17Goofballs (47)The Co-operators (66)Box Score
2019/11/24Genesis (62)The Co-operators (46)Box Score
2019/12/01The Co-operators (55)Vicious Circle (76)Box Score
2020/01/05Pick N Roll (82)The Co-operators (67)Box Score
2020/01/12Goofballs (36)The Co-operators (86)Box Score
2020/01/19The Co-operators (72)Genesis (64)Box Score
2020/01/26Goons (89)The Co-operators (86)Box Score
2020/02/02Goofballs (51)The Co-operators (78)Box Score
2020/02/09The Co-operators (62)Rockland Shockers (71)Box Score
2020/02/16Vicious Circle (49)The Co-operators (81)Box Score
2020/02/23Goofballs (51)The Co-operators (84)Box Score
2020/03/01The Co-operators (82)Fat Boys (77)Box Score
2020/03/08The Co-operators (83)3 and D (93)Box Score

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GPGames Played
2PT2-Point Field Goals
3PT3-Point Field Goals
FTMsFree Throws Made
FTAsFree Throws Attempted
FT%Free Throw Shooting Percentage
PFPersonal Fouls
TFTechnical Fouls
PTSTotal Points
PPGPoints per Game
*Indicates Legacy Season; no Foul Stats Recorded
**Identifies Players Who Are Eligible For Playoffs