2019-2020 Season
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Overall Season Record :14 - 6
Current Block Rank :1
Current Average Rank :2.71
Current Overall Rank :3

Schedule Block History
Block #163 - 0
Block #242 - 1
Block #322 - 1
Block #422 - 1
Block #522 - 1
Block #622 - 1
Block #711 - 1

Team Averages
23Kyle Smendziuk1874.717.6
42Tyson Hinz1887.316.1
45Mitch Jackson1272.213.3
21Cam Smythe1181.811.8
12Cedrick Colas1752.69.9
33Chris Biegler1875.89.4
13Mic Masek1460.09.2
22Mitch Wood1064.38.3
2Dean Blachford1440.07.1
7Derek Firth375.03.3
24Henk Dykhuizen (C)1450.01.1

Team Totals
23Kyle Smendziuk1893216891317
42Tyson Hinz1880206979289
33Chris Biegler186642533169
12Cedrick Colas1741222038168
45Mitch Jackson125952636159
21Cam Smythe1126201822130
13Mic Masek14573610129
2Dean Blachford14132425100
22Mitch Wood10191291483
24Henk Dykhuizen (C)14603615
7Derek Firth3213410

Completed Regular Season Game Results :

DateVisiting TeamHome Team
2019/09/22WebmarketersWarriors (85)Swingmen (56)Box Score
2019/09/29Jayhawks (70)WebmarketersWarriors (98)Box Score
2019/10/06Splash Brothers (83)WebmarketersWarriors (113)Box Score
2019/10/20WebmarketersWarriors (79)Duke of Somerset (69)Box Score
2019/10/27WebmarketersWarriors (84)OC Express (62)Box Score
2019/11/03WebmarketersWarriors (74)Ottawa U. Alumni (86)Box Score
2019/11/10WebmarketersWarriors (69)Ottawa U. Alumni (99)Box Score
2019/11/17Swingmen (76)WebmarketersWarriors (78)Box Score
2019/11/24Duke of Somerset (78)WebmarketersWarriors (88)Box Score
2019/12/01WebmarketersWarriors (76)Ottawa U. Alumni (82)Box Score
2020/01/05OC Express (87)WebmarketersWarriors (99)Box Score
2020/01/12Duke of Somerset (79)WebmarketersWarriors (82)Box Score
2020/01/19WebmarketersWarriors (88)Ottawa U. Alumni (82)Box Score
2020/01/26Swingmen (78)WebmarketersWarriors (83)Box Score
2020/02/02Duke of Somerset (79)WebmarketersWarriors (70)Box Score
2020/02/09WebmarketersWarriors (92)Duke of Somerset (55)Box Score
2020/02/16The Belmont (0)WebmarketersWarriors (2)Box Score
2020/02/23Ottawa U. Alumni (80)WebmarketersWarriors (77)Box Score
2020/03/01Duke of Somerset (71)WebmarketersWarriors (83)Box Score
2020/03/08Ottawa U. Alumni (89)WebmarketersWarriors (69)Box Score

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GPGames Played
2PT2-Point Field Goals
3PT3-Point Field Goals
FTMsFree Throws Made
FTAsFree Throws Attempted
FT%Free Throw Shooting Percentage
PFPersonal Fouls
TFTechnical Fouls
PTSTotal Points
PPGPoints per Game
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