2019-2020 Season
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Overall Season Record :8 - 12
Current Block Rank :13
Current Average Rank :10.29
Current Overall Rank :10

Schedule Block History
Block #1103 - 0
Block #280 - 3
Block #391 - 2
Block #4111 - 2
Block #5112 - 1
Block #6100 - 3
Block #7131 - 1

Team Averages
8Faysal Abdullahi1961.419.7
11Emran Moalimishak1273.319.4
3Emad Abdelmagid1557.714.3
10Ahmed Hussein1765.211.9
7Abdullahi Hersi1675.08.6
41Jason Marcus (C)2056.15.8
6Didier Adrien1775.04.5
0Michael Blair1644.04.3
23Bruno Louro1044.42.8
 Abdal 30.02.7
18Jammal Mohmud550.02.2

Team Totals
8Faysal Abdullahi19124284370375
11Emran Moalimishak1274212230233
3Emad Abdelmagid1547351526214
10Ahmed Hussein1759183046202
7Abdullahi Hersi1622271216137
41Jason Marcus (C)203952341116
6Didier Adrien173233476
0Michael Blair16178112569
23Bruno Louro101204928
18Jammal Mohmud5501211
 Abdal 312008

Completed Regular Season Game Results :

DateVisiting TeamHome Team
2019/09/22POWER (69)Rockland Shockers (62)Box Score
2019/09/29ODB's (78)POWER (79)Box Score
2019/10/06Goons (75)POWER (125)Box Score
2019/10/20POWER (71)Jayhawks (80)Box Score
2019/10/27POWER (73)Swingmen (98)Box Score
2019/11/03POWER (72)The Belmont (88)Box Score
2019/11/10Splash Brothers (85)POWER (67)Box Score
2019/11/17ODB's (69)POWER (70)Box Score
2019/11/24The Base (86)POWER (70)Box Score
2019/12/013 and D (64)POWER (78)Box Score
2020/01/05POWER (74)Euro Steppers (86)Box Score
2020/01/12POWER (65)Splash Brothers (79)Box Score
2020/01/19Fat Boys (64)POWER (73)Box Score
2020/01/26POWER (61)The Base (85)Box Score
2020/02/02POWER (83)Splash Brothers (80)Box Score
2020/02/09POWER (67)Jayhawks (74)Box Score
2020/02/16Pick N Roll (81)POWER (70)Box Score
2020/02/23Splash Brothers (96)POWER (89)Box Score
2020/03/013 and D (95)POWER (89)Box Score
2020/03/08Fat Boys (81)POWER (86)Box Score

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GPGames Played
2PT2-Point Field Goals
3PT3-Point Field Goals
FTMsFree Throws Made
FTAsFree Throws Attempted
FT%Free Throw Shooting Percentage
PFPersonal Fouls
TFTechnical Fouls
PTSTotal Points
PPGPoints per Game
*Indicates Legacy Season; no Foul Stats Recorded
**Identifies Players Who Are Eligible For Playoffs