OC Express
2019-2020 Season
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Overall Season Record :11 - 9
Current Block Rank :6
Current Average Rank :4.29
Current Overall Rank :4

Schedule Block History
Block #122 - 1
Block #220 - 3
Block #353 - 0
Block #440 - 3
Block #552 - 1
Block #662 - 1
Block #762 - 0

Team Averages
3Jamal Aden1982.118.5
1Issack Egueh1170.817.3
32Anthony McIntosh1469.215.9
11Anwar Faiza668.215.0
 Charlie Spurr7100.014.4
45Ismail Kaba1756.512.1
34Luc Minani1451.010.1
21Guled Aden (C)180.05.8
23Joseph Atangana750.05.6
 Achuil Lual7100.04.4
10Imran Khan880.04.3
11John 20.02.0
45Etienne Mpana925.01.4
21Dove Lutaaya30.00.0
 Njuguna Waiganjo30.00.0

Team Totals
3Jamal Aden1990424656352
32Anthony McIntosh149522739223
45Ismail Kaba1742361323205
1Issack Egueh1146271724190
34Luc Minani145522549141
21Guled Aden (C)18102800104
 Charlie Spurr7321077101
11Anwar Faiza6305152290
23Joseph Atangana71621239
10Imran Khan81224534
 Achuil Lual7843331
45Etienne Mpana9601413
11John 220004
21Dove Lutaaya300000
 Njuguna Waiganjo300000

Completed Regular Season Game Results :

DateVisiting TeamHome Team
2019/09/22OC Express (74)Ottawa U. Alumni (101)Box Score
2019/09/29The Belmont (70)OC Express (96)Box Score
2019/10/06Duke of Somerset (71)OC Express (75)Box Score
2019/10/20OC Express (78)Ottawa U. Alumni (84)Box Score
2019/10/27WebmarketersWarriors (84)OC Express (62)Box Score
2019/11/03Duke of Somerset (85)OC Express (69)Box Score
2019/11/10The Belmont (73)OC Express (76)Box Score
2019/11/17Jayhawks (64)OC Express (82)Box Score
2019/11/24Euro Steppers (91)OC Express (99)Box Score
2019/12/01OC Express (86)Duke of Somerset (91)Box Score
2020/01/05OC Express (87)WebmarketersWarriors (99)Box Score
2020/01/12OC Express (95)Ottawa U. Alumni (114)Box Score
2020/01/19Jayhawks (80)OC Express (85)Box Score
2020/01/26The Belmont (97)OC Express (83)Box Score
2020/02/02Euro Steppers (81)OC Express (113)Box Score
2020/02/09OC Express (85)Swingmen (84)Box Score
2020/02/16The Base (68)OC Express (105)Box Score
2020/02/23Euro Steppers (98)OC Express (97)Box Score
2020/03/01OC Express (85)The Belmont (69)Box Score
2020/03/08Pick N Roll (81)OC Express (90)Box Score

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GPGames Played
2PT2-Point Field Goals
3PT3-Point Field Goals
FTMsFree Throws Made
FTAsFree Throws Attempted
FT%Free Throw Shooting Percentage
PFPersonal Fouls
TFTechnical Fouls
PTSTotal Points
PPGPoints per Game
*Indicates Legacy Season; no Foul Stats Recorded
**Identifies Players Who Are Eligible For Playoffs