Euro Steppers
2019-2020 Season
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Overall Season Record :13 - 7
Current Block Rank :4
Current Average Rank :8.86
Current Overall Rank :8

Schedule Block History
Block #1143 - 0
Block #2123 - 0
Block #381 - 2
Block #493 - 0
Block #581 - 2
Block #672 - 1
Block #740 - 2

Team Averages
4Cole Newton1878.925.1
00Mackenzie Morrison1976.623.1
 Elie Karojo269.220.0
 Andrew de Groot373.314.3
 Brandon Robinson1453.69.6
11Sam Dycke1563.28.1
7Sam Sutherland1550.07.2
 Abdulrahman Mohamed450.06.5
31Sieger Roorda (C)1944.45.8
1Rami Mahmoud9100.05.3
35Afi Ahmed1780.04.9
10Sebastien Grasso90.02.2
5Gidean 30.02.0
 Malick Turenne60.00.0

Team Totals
4Cole Newton18104664557451
00Mackenzie Morrison1993607294438
 Brandon Robinson1424241528135
11Sam Dycke1534141219122
31Sieger Roorda (C)192716818110
7Sam Sutherland1512241224108
35Afi Ahmed17248121584
1Rami Mahmoud91364448
 Andrew de Groot3160111543
 Elie Karojo211391340
 Abdulrahman Mohamed4271226
10Sebastien Grasso9160020
5Gidean 330006
 Malick Turenne600000

Completed Regular Season Game Results :

DateVisiting TeamHome Team
2019/09/22Euro Steppers (94)Fat Boys (81)Box Score
2019/09/29Vicious Circle (85)Euro Steppers (112)Box Score
2019/10/06The Co-operators (74)Euro Steppers (83)Box Score
2019/10/20Euro Steppers (64)ODB's (58)Box Score
2019/10/27Euro Steppers (99)Rockland Shockers (87)Box Score
2019/11/03Euro Steppers (76)Splash Brothers (74)Box Score
2019/11/10Euro Steppers (90)Jayhawks (88)Box Score
2019/11/17Euro Steppers (72)The Belmont (100)Box Score
2019/11/24Euro Steppers (91)OC Express (99)Box Score
2019/12/01Splash Brothers (88)Euro Steppers (96)Box Score
2020/01/05POWER (74)Euro Steppers (86)Box Score
2020/01/123 and D (81)Euro Steppers (86)Box Score
2020/01/19Euro Steppers (69)The Belmont (80)Box Score
2020/01/26Euro Steppers (90)Jayhawks (80)Box Score
2020/02/02Euro Steppers (81)OC Express (113)Box Score
2020/02/09The Base (83)Euro Steppers (81)Box Score
2020/02/16Euro Steppers (105)Swingmen (85)Box Score
2020/02/23Euro Steppers (98)OC Express (97)Box Score
2020/03/01Euro Steppers (99)Ottawa U. Alumni (110)Box Score
2020/03/08Euro Steppers (78)Duke of Somerset (81)Box Score

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GPGames Played
2PT2-Point Field Goals
3PT3-Point Field Goals
FTMsFree Throws Made
FTAsFree Throws Attempted
FT%Free Throw Shooting Percentage
PFPersonal Fouls
TFTechnical Fouls
PTSTotal Points
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